“LIVE, HUMAN…as long as you possibly can!”

is a documentary about Roy Andersson and his fourth film "You, the Living". It's also a close

personal portrait of one of Europe's most unique film director. We have followed Roy very close

between the years 2003- 2007, during his work with his latest feature. The focus of the documentary

is on Roy Andersson, his ideas and the practical work with the film. Our documentary will also work

as a "manual" to Roy's film. 


Through interviews and by following him in his work, we enter the depths of his visions and

working method. He has a lot more to say about the issues dealt with in this film, than is understood

by watching "You, the Living". Our film will go further and deeper into Roy's way of thinking and show more of Roy's philosophy and his political views and you will also get to know more about who Roy Andersson actually is and why he makes the film he makes…


Pehr Arte
Svenska | English